When You’re in a Creative Rut

A Bookish Baker

There’s a line in Pitch Perfect 2 where Beca, in a phone message to her boyfriend, says, “So you may not be able to hear this message because apparently I have nothing to say. Which is music speak for “I suck.”

So, in writing and photography terms you may not be able to read this post because apparently I have nothing to say. Which is writing speak for ‘I suck’.

I often get inspiration for an Instagram picture, a blog post, or a section of my book, as I’m walking around the field. It might be the particular colour of the sycamore leaf bud or a smell, or a reminder of what is to come later in the year. I can see in my mind how I want my photograph to look – I often sketch it out on the notes function of my phone so I don’t forget it. Or I write it hastily in the notes function. Sometimes, if my hands are mucky, I speak it using the speech recognition thingy.

A Bookish Baker

But this hasn’t happened to me for weeks. And I’m a bit worried that that is all I had. That’s me, done.

I’ve never seen myself as creative until recently but now? Nah – I’m empty. Devoid of creative thought. Or vision.

I’m simply not inspired. By anything.

Which makes me think a) I truly do suck. Or b) it’s time to refill that creative well.

I don’t want to take time off work so how do I refill my creativity?

I think, for me, it’ll be a case of reading books and magazines. Looking at the photography, the words, the topics. Seeking out new people to follow on Instagram or Pinterest. Opening my eyes and truly looking.

Does this happen to you? I’m really intrigued. If so, how do you come out the other side?


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  • Reply CJ

    It’s hard and it’s scary when there’s a break from inspiration striking isn’t it. But have faith that it will come screaming back. In the meantime, your ideas of searching for things to inspire you are good ones. I’m feeling a bit flat at the moment too. But better days will come, they always do. Wishing you creative thoughts aplenty. CJ xx

    22nd May 2017 at 7:23 pm
  • Reply Anne

    This post really resonates. I have a theory that many bloggers are a bit flat at the moment because usually we bounce ideas off one another but we’re all lacking a bit of inspiration and have nothing to bounce backwards and forwards. Some people who come on our printing courses are desperate to print but lack any ideas so we’re trying to come out with strategies to help them, but it’s difficult. I tend to go for a walk to get inspired but never thought to log the ideas on my phone – must try that next time instead of just trying to hold them in my head.
    See you on the other side :)

    22nd May 2017 at 10:52 pm
  • Reply Sarah

    I would say look outside your niche. Read books, look at photography and art that’s totally different to anything you usually consume. Read non-fiction, look at other cultures. I think the problem with Instagram is it’s a bit of a visual echo chamber so it can feel difficult to brand out beyond the norm. And then everything starts to look the same (floral flat-lays, temporary tattoos on arms).

    I totally understand though – happens to me all the time!

    23rd May 2017 at 11:52 am
  • Reply Vanessa

    I also understand this all too well. A new magazine, a new book, a workshop, a new friend, all these things can help, but often I think it’s just the place we’re at. I’m really glad you shared this though, it’s always good to know I’m not the only one!

    26th May 2017 at 1:45 pm
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